Cookies Policy

The Website uses Cookies

We may collect User identification data from the Website using technologies such as cookies and / or Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on each User’s hard disk and do not have access to any document or file from the computer of the User. They are used to facilitate User’s access to the use of specific services and / or webpages for statistical purposes and to determine areas that are useful or popular. This information can be divided into four (4) main categories:

Strictly Necessary Cookies

Strictly necessary cookies are essential to the proper functioning of the Website while they allow you to browse and use the Website features, such as access to secure areas or use of the shopping cart. These cookies do not recognise your personal identity. They are technically necessary for the Website function and you are not able to disable them.

Session Cookies

Session cookies are temporarily stored on your computer or device during a browser session and are deleted after the browser is closed.

Performance Cookies

Performance cookies collect information about how visitors use the Website, for instance, which pages they visit more often and whether they receive error messages from webpages. These cookies collect aggregated, anonymous information that do not identify visitors. They are used exclusively to improve the performance of our Website.

Targeting / Advertising Cookies

Targeting and advertising cookies are used to provide content that best fits you and your interests. They can be used to send targeted ads / offers, limit the number of times a user sees a particular ad, or measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. They are usually placed to remember your visit to a website.

Cookies at

At we use cookies to provide better services and improved experience to our users. Establishing regulations and legal frameworks for cookies is an ongoing effort. The formulation of these rules is something very new at the Greek and European level. For these reasons, we feel obliged to clearly and honestly inform the Users of about our cookie policy.

More specifically:

  • Performance cookies:
    • they collect information on how visitors use the Website, for example, which pages they visit more often
  • Targeting cookies:
    • Cookies from the use of Google Analytics
    • Cookies using CMS WordPress to detect the Internet Browser version and its settings.

Web beacons – (also known as “clear GIF” or “tracking pixels”) may inform us about things such as: How many people visit our website, whether these are one-time visitors or frequent visitors, and for how long, how much they are persuaded by advertising campaigns on the Internet and other similar website usage data. When used in an e-mail message, web beacons can inform us about the time that the e-mail was opened, if and how many times it was forwarded and which link did users click while in the e-mail message. Based on this information, we can adjust the content, the products, the services and the offers in order to better meet your interests as well as to inform you about products, services and/or special offers which may be of interest to you.

Log Files – are files that record web activity and gather non-personal statistics about your visit or the use of our website. Log Files can help us record, among others: (i) your IP address, which is a unique set of numbers assigned to your computer by your Internet service provider (ISP) (note that, depending on your ISP, your computer may be different every time you connect to the Internet), (ii) the type of browser and operating system you use and (iii) other information about your online visit, such as the URL address through which you reached our website, the date and time of your visit. In addition to using this information to understand better how our website is used, we may use information captured through log files, such as an IP address (along with your personal data) to solve technical problems, maintain security on the Internet and to ban or restrict the access to our online services to certain users.

Are my personal data secure when I browse

Yes. At we emphasise on the personal information of our users and we do not share them with companies, organisations or individuals.

How are cookies enabled and how can I control them?

Most web browsers are built in such a way tο automatically accept cookies. If you do not wish the automatic activation of cookies, you can control and manage the cookies through the settings of the browser you use.

Each User’s computer receives an IP address whenever the User access the Internet. Through the IP address, the User’s computer can receive and send data. Generally, whenever the User connects to the Internet, the User’s IP address changes. However, under certain conditions (e.g. with some broadband connections) the IP address of the User becomes static. A static IP address can be associated with that particular User’s computer and can therefore lead to User’s personal information. Weblog information is non-personal information collected by the computer hosting the Website whenever a User visits it. Examples of the type of information that can be collected using IP address and / or web log information include details of the date and time of the Website visit, the type of browser and computer’s operating system. Canuto Kallan, or authorised digital service providers, use the User’s IP address or web log information to collect and report aggregated information on how the Website is used and how the Website can be improved.

Can I disable cookies? If so, what does that mean?

At, you can disable functional cookies, by using the option you will find at the bottom of this page.

The User of the Website may set up his web browser in such a way that it either notifies him about the use of cookies on specific services or prohibit the acceptance of cookies. In the event the User of these services and pages does not wish to use cookies for his / her identification, he / she may not have access to these services.

Can I delete cookies?

In general, any User can at any time delete all the cookies stored in his/her application. All known web browsers give this possibility to their users through “Help” or “Settings”.